The Run

Can you imagine running 50+ km in a day? What about 300km in a week? Dr. Riley Senft is on a personal crusade in support of Prostate Cancer and will be running upwards of 60km per day as he crosses more than 7000km of Canadian roads and trails, stretching from mile zero in Cape Spear, Newfoundland to the shores of the Pacific Ocean in Vancouver, British Columbia.

With the support of volunteers, sponsors and his family, Riley and the Step into Action Mobile Command Centre (MCC) are on the road daily, educating on the Steps to Action, spreading awareness of the astonishing Prostate Cancer statistic that 1 in 6 Canadian men will be diagnosed with the disease and raising money to support advanced research.

Show Riley your support by following his campaign via his Blog, Facebook Page, Twitter Page and Foursquare Page.

Additionally, visit our homepage and click the red button to Commit to the Steps to Action and donate to support his goal of raising $1 million.

It's not all sunny days and cheering squads. Photographed on Tuesday August 16, Riley and his brother Derek continue on the road towards Winnipeg through torrential thunder showers.